About My Work

I began leatherwork as a hobby for the sole purpose of learning how to construct a leather satchel and to make custom sheathes for my custom knives, etc. I've always been an artist of sorts, valuing the creative process and custom products that serve a functional purpose.

Please note that I am not a full time leather worker, leather is something that I do as a hobby but given the expense, it helps to have customers (for lack of a better word) to help fund it by requesting custom things. My costs are directly translated and I am not in this to turn a profit. Realizing your vision and giving me the practice at the same time is really what this is about. I'm in it for the art, not a financial gain.

My Workshop

I have been blessed with a large space to set up shop where I'm able to work and play with new ideas for all of my hobbies.



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